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What is real?

I am fascinated by the way life has been leading me. How much is free choice and what just emerges out of the great unknown, is a question that sits deeply in my psyche. I have been following this journey most of my life, asking questions of my inner life on the one hand and outer life on the other.

I remember the first question I asked my guru/teacher when I eventually found him in Delhi in 1973. Which is the real world I asked, the world I see with my eyes open or the world I discover with my eyes closed. Is the outer world of matter more real than the inner world of ‘mind’?

His answer was that only the mind sees them as separate, there is only one reality that encompasses them both.

I think sometimes that I am still trying to understand that because it comes up so often in my practice of medicine. Is the ‘disease’ more real and important than the psychological dysfunctionality that most of us carry? Is the disease more real and important than the immeasurable complexity that underlies the mysterious functions of all the systems of the body together?

This is my journey work and in these blogs I aim to explore this world, the inner and the outer world of matter and spirit and especially how this all relates to ill-health and the journey of ageing that I am personally involved in daily.

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