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Mind over Matter – That Simple?

Mind over matter seems like an interesting idea and even makes some sense to many but how often does it work for you? We have all tried setting the mind up to find us an empty parking in a busy street, or trying to imagine more money flowing into our bank account or looking for our soul partner. Sometimes it seems to work and sometimes it doesn’t. So is it all nonsense and just a game we are playing, or is there a refinement of the technique that may just give better results?

There is of course much evidence that mind does influence matter. A very simple example is lifting your hand. Without knowing exactly how you do it, up goes the hand. Studies on the power of prayer have shown that it does work and that ill health can respond to people’s prayer. The placebo response, when people respond to an improvement in symptoms just by taking a pill that has no active ingredient, has massive confirmation in every trial undertaken. Positive emotions have a range of physiological effects, as do negative emotions.

All the above is true but it would be so nice if the results were more consistent and we had better control of the end point.

One thing that is clear is that the logical, linear mind is not in charge of this process and for that reason it is frustrating and we can’t always get what we want; and yet there does seem to be a way that it happens and some part of the mind that is involved.

Intuition is the direct knowing or learning of something without conscious reasoning. This points to the arising of a thought from a place that seems to know something that is beyond logical conscious reasoning. The mind then appears to have both a logical thinking part and another area that functions outside this logical thinking space.

My personal experience is that this hidden part of the mind has two parts to it.

One part is subconscious, and contains all our involuntary animal instincts related to flight and fight, which is often called out ‘gut feeling’. Another part of the mind can be called the ‘super conscious’ part of the mind. From here intuition arises. This part of the mind is outside time and space and therefore knows of the world both the past and future, in a way that the linear mind cannot know. It is because it is beyond time and space that prayer can have an effect even at a distance and how we can sometimes intuit something about the future. I suggest that this part of the mind is in touch with what scientists call the quantum space.

So how does this help to make mind over matter work for us?

Check out the following method and let me know if it works for you.

  1. Recognise the limitation of the logical linear mind. That this part of the mind can only formulate the question.
  2. Allow the question to ‘sink into’ the super conscious mind.
  3. This needs to be done with humility and intent but no sense of demand or bartering with higher mind. Be thankful and open hearted.
  4. Don’t keep repeating the process all day. Once or twice per day is more than enough. Let the higher mind decide how and when to answer.

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