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The Healthy Medicine book now available

There’s a worldwide move towards a new kind of medicine, a medicine which improves health, focusing on the underlying dysfunction in the body rather than treating the disease (usually with drugs).

In Healthy Medicine medical doctor Bernard Brom explains the principles of this new medicine, based on his experience of more than 30 years researching and using non-drug ways to help his patients.
The basic tenet of Healthy Medicine is that the body has an innate drive to heal itself, constantly repairing itself. What we and our health practitioners need to do is support the body to carry out that primary function.

Healthy Medicine is the distillation of Dr Brom’s experience working with body, mind, and spirit to achieve optimal health.

We do not need more drugs: Diet, lifestyle, stress management and key nutrients are essential to optimise our health so that our bodies can heal.   The key to this is to shift dysfunction in the body back to function so that the body’s innate intelligence can heal.

Healthy Medicine explains not only the philosophy behind optimal health but also simple principles to guide you on your journey to health. It is not about techniques or remedies but rather about understanding why we get ill and how our body moves towards disease. And then how to reverse this downward spiral.

Understanding what is happening when you or your clients are ill will empower you to ask the right questions and find creative ways to promote health rather than simply taking drugs to treat the symptoms. If you’re interested in your health, you’ll find Healthy Medicine a great resource.

Available at some bookshops, Wellness Warehouse online and at Kloof St store, Amazon (including an e-book) and KimaGlobal Publishers.

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